About me

Welcome, visitor! Alba here! I am from Spain, and I work as a Spanish teacher. I love teaching Spanish and learning about the teaching/learning process, especially when it comes to second languages. I have been studying English since I can remember, and still, my level is not great. The truth is that I was not studying correctly the most part of my life. That is why I think I really started to learn English around two years ago.

I live in Cádiz, in the south of Spain, most of the time. Well, my family home is in Cádiz, I should say. But the truth is that I have been moving and traveling since I finished my bachelor degree in Psychology. Briefly: I taught Spanish in Estonia while I specialized in teaching Spanish as a Second Language, I came back to Spain, I became an au pair in England, I met a wonderful American guy, I moved to the US with him, I came back to Spain and I will go to the US soon. Busy life, right? I kind of love it, but it can be hard sometimes.

I am an animal-lover. I have a dog, and I have had all kind of animals before (but monkeys, which I would love to have if I had the facilities needed). I have a healthy lifestyle: no drugs (except for the coffee and a glass of a good red wine or stout every once in a while), no sugar in my daily diet, a lot of veggies (I am a vegetarian from Monday to Friday), exercise every day (strength and cardio), 10 minutes of yoga every morning and 15 or 20 minutes of daily meditation. I could not forget reading fiction and non-fiction (mostly psychology, philosophy, ethics, personal development, and self-help books.) I like to think of myself as a student of the world, of the humanity and of my own self. That means I am always learning about new topics and trying to keep a beginner mind.

I am a Type-A person trying to do her best to not to die of a heart stroke. I like to work very hard on pursuing my goals. I usually have to fight against my perfectionism to get things done (because otherwise, I would keep working on them, as they are never going to be perfect).  What I do here it is a good example of trying to push myself out of the comfort zone. My English is not perfect, obviously, and if I would listen to my inner perfectionist, I would not be able to write and publish a word. Well, to be honest, I usually listen to that bit** (Let’s call her B), but I am working on getting better at ignoring her. I love you, B, but you have to understand you’ve been keeping me from doing the most interesting stuff all my life, so fu** you! At this point, I would like to clarify a point: No, I’m not crazy. Trust me, I am a psychologist (well… I studied psychology isn’t that enough?). Everybody has different “voices” in their heads, and as long as you cannot actually hear them (I mean, physically) or they don’t command you to kill someone (or other non-accepted behaviors), you are pretty safe. I am also an introvert. No, I am not shy, I am an introvert. You can look up the difference on the internet. If you are an introvert too or are curious about this topic (I am sure you know one and if not, you should put one in your life), I recommend you to take a look at this website.

As I said, I love books, and I also like movies. I am currently reading and watching movies in English more than I do in Spanish. I started to do the most part of my leisure activities in English more than a year ago. I started to watch movies, read books, listen to podcasts, search on the internet and study other stuff all in English. When I exercise, I listen to a podcast in English. When I cook, I look up the recipe in English. When I play a video game, I play it in English. I just switched to English as much as I could taking into consideration that I cannot avoid talking to my Spaniards friends and relatives in Spanish. All in all, I think I have improved since then. Nevertheless, I am lacking an extensive knowledge of the English grammar and a large and precise vocabulary. Even though at this point I can understand a lot, I often find myself making the same mistakes again and again, doubting about the same questions and using the same words and structures. That is why I decided to study properly, and that is the topic of the “about the project” section.

I hope to see you around!

Alba Steng